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Custom Box Making | Denver, CO

Custom Box Making in Denver, CO

We Can Build A Custom Box For Almost Anything


Strong, Durable, ReUseable & Recyclable, all of our custom-build shipping boxes are fabricated in our store with double and triple corrugated blank boards. Measured twice and cut once, we can customize your box with plastic handles and/or open hand holds. We can add edge protection and honeycomb panels for added protection.  Depending on size and volume, we can have your custom box or boxes ready the same day. With 20 plus years of design experience, we can create an affordable alternative to wood crates for far less the cost but with the same ability to protect your valuable items. 

We can custom-build boxes to fit practically anything and we’ll also pack your items so they’ll make it through the transportation network in one piece. We can build corrugated boxes for your furniture, artwork, electronic equipment or specialty bicycles  – our custom boxes are designed to fit your items’ exact dimensions. When it comes to custom boxes, size does not matter.

Visit our Google page to view some of our Custom Boxes.

We Can Build:

  • Single-wall corrugated boxes
  • Double-wall corrugated boxes
  • Foam-lined containers
  • Insulated containers
  • Slotted Container
  • Full OVerlap Container
  • Double-boxes (a box-in-a-box) for extremely fragile items
  • Single & Multiple custom boxes
  • Multiple custom boxes
  • Half & Full Slotted Container
  • Tray and Cover

If it needs a corrugated box, we can build it!

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